Leading Causes Of Hot Water Heater Leaking

There are a lot of reasons for hot water heater leaking. Nevertheless, leaks should never be ignored no matter how small it may seem. The small puddles and drip of water may progress to extensive leakages, cause fires and other potentially harmful events for you and your home.

What Are The Causes Of Hot Water Heater Leaking?
Leaks can result from different problems in the water heater system. These are the common areas of concern:
• Pipes – loose fitting of pipes let water out instead of channeling it into the water heater.
• Vents or flue – obstructed vents in gas heaters lead to leaks.
• Heating element gasket – damaged gasket in electric heaters may need outright replacement.
• Pressure relief valve – one very common reason for leaks. It may be due to loose bolts and connections and also of other more serious conditions.
• Tank – no matter how much you take care of your water heater, it is bound to retire once it has lived off its days. In this case, you will have to replace the tank to control the leakage.

T-P Valve And Hot Water Heater Leaking
I’ve included a separate discussion on temperature-pressure valve because I believe it is of most important concern. The TP valve is a special device which maintains the pressure inside the heater within safe limits. A malfunctioning valve may lead to leaks. Also, there are several conditions which increase the pressure in the valves, forcing it to open and let some of the water out:
• High incoming water pressure
• Temperature too high
TP valve problems should be seen by a licensed professional because in the instance that the pressure in the tank gets too high, it might ignite and explode.

What To Do In Cases Of Leaks
If you are 100% sure that the cause does not arise from the TP valve, you can equip yourself with the proper tools and fix the heater by yourself. Wear protective gear – goggles, gloves and boots. Also, be extra careful since scalding from hot wear may occur.
It is important to switch off the power and the circuit breaker before proceeding with the repair. Then, turn off the water supply for the water heater. Be guided by the manual when dealing with replacement of parts like element gaskets.

A Final Note
There’s a limit to what you can do. When things go out of hand, contact a licensed professional immediately. Do not mind the cost for the safety of you and your family should always be of top priority. Just make sure that you select a reliable repair company that has a good track record so that you get the most of what you pay for. Repairs and replacements of tank usually get done in a day. Not bad since you are spared of the time, effort and frustration of putting together a broken down appliance.
Continue enjoying those warm baths and showers in the coldest nights or on wintry seasons with these tips on how to fix hot water heater leaking.